29 July 2002 - MIRACLE STUPA inauguration!


28.07.2002 - Khorlo Demchog empowerment; Lama Ole's lecture.

27.07.2002 - Marpa empowerment; Karol Sleczek's lecture.

26.07.2002 - puja; installing the Tree of Life and a tabernacle in the Stupa; putting on the rings, the crown and the symbols of the moon, sun and mind; sewing.

25.07.2002 - puja; filling the 3rd treasury; laying the 15th (granite pumba) and the 16th layer; sewing.

24.07.2002 - puja - filling the pumbas; filling the 1st and the 2nd Stupa's treasury; laying the 13th and 14th layer; the work with tsa-tsas; sewing.

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