"It's the language of the archetypical symbols that let us join the sources of all the human cultures."
Wojtek Kossowski

Among the oldest architectural forms Stupa is a universal symbol of the enlightened mind, a well-known sign in the countries where Buddhism was developing.

Stupas contain ancient, monumental reliquaries, which used to be built for kings and heroes, transformed into a deep expression of knowledge.

When correctly decoded by both reason and intuition, Stupa reflects harmony and perfection of universal principles and invites human consciousness to unfold its full possibilities.

The one who has waded through the first lines of this text is actually "at home". These sentences, which are the quotations from Lama Anagarika Govinda, explain everything that one has to or should know and feel about Stupa.

Stupas are the most fascinating buildings that have been produced by our civilization. Their development reflects a development of our cultures and their transformations express the changes in our philosophical conceptions.

What are the Stupas?
Why do we build them?
What is their meaning?
Where do they come from?