The summary of the centers meeting 2-3 march 2002

The main aim of the meeting in Kuchary was, firstly, to present information on the preparations to the Stupa building and, secondly, to create the system of work with the involvement of the whole Polish Sanga. An additional, but equally important element was the presentation on preparations to the 25th anniversary of Diamond Way Buddhism arrival in Poland. The number of participants in the meeting was over 100, which is more than we expected before the meeting.

Misiek presented the most important stages of the work on Stupa and tasks that should be completed in Kuchary this year. We assume that the Stupa initiation will take place during the summer course of Lama Ole on 17th-20th of July, yet, since Tsechoo Rinpoche's travel plan is busy, it is possible that there will be another course in Kuchary this summer.
Flamenco presented the most important financial data. The total cost of the Stupa building is estimated today at 250.000 PLN. So far we've collected about 70.000 PLN.
The main part of the meeting was devoted to presentation of the idea how to organize and divide work. The suggested structure is quite flexilble.
  1. Misiek (Leszek Nadolski) is the supervisor of the whole project and will deal with all the elements of the Stupa building and works in Kuchary. He takes the most important decisions concerning the project.

  2. We appointed groups that will support Misiek's work:

    1. financial group organizing money collections in all possible and legal ways
    2. treasury group collecting the jewellery for the Stupa's treasury
    3. marketing group that will promote the project in Polish and foreign Sangas as well as deal with the flow of information and the work coordination.
    4. media group that will draw up the materials for the media as well as logo and headlines of the events.

  3. There will be 1 person responsible for all the Stupa affairs in each center.

After breakfast the groups worked on the strategy, prepared the list of tasks and then presented them:

  1. Financial group prepared preliminary plan how to collect the needed money and will take part in the realization of these projects.

  2. Marketing group pointed out how important it is to reach the people loosely connected with Sanga - living, non-practicing. Together with the Media Group it will prepare the materials for the press, radio etc. and maybe even make a short film about preparations to building the Stupa and a longer one about the Stupa initiation and the course in Kuchary.

  3. Building group settled some details and exchanged contacts with some professionals for work in the final phase of building.

  4. Treasury group will check the conditions of the production of treasury materials. Tsa-tsa forms, mantras and instructions how to use them will be given to the centers on the lecture of Lama Ole in Warsaw in March.

  5. Media group is looking for ideas for logo of Kuchary, Miracles Stupa 2002, the logo of 25th anniversary of D. W. Buddhism, carriers of the transmission of Buddhist contents (matches, calendars, labels) - the materials will be gathered and presented during the Lama Ole's lecture in Warsaw.
Around midday there was a presentation of the team preparing the 25th anniversary of Diamond Way Buddhism in Poland. The celebration will last for 10 days and take place in Warsaw, probably in Zamek Ujazdowski Castle. There will be exhibitions, concerts, teachers' lectures, bunjee jumping and other attractions. Group T25 invited the participants to brainstorms about the exhibition in Zamek Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, logo and slogans for the event. We finished with a short presentation of new ideas.

We are impressed with the meeting, which was an unprecedented event. The work at the Karmapa's visit in Poland in 2000 gave us a foretaste of how much can still come. It is not only that 100 people devoted their weekend to come to Kuchary to do work that seems not to give any personal benefits. There was no wasting time on unnecessary talks. There appeared lots of new ideas, possibilities and people who will get down to do it. Certainly there is something in the Ole's story of work from the position of surplus.

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